Now that you have your very own Crystal Kayak you are ready to hit the water for a one of a kind experience. 

Here are some tips so you can get the most out of your Crystal Kayak: 

  • Always carry your Crystal Kayak in or out of the water. Never drag it on the sand or any other surface.
  • Rinse out your Crystal Kayak after use. This is especially important when using it in salt water.
  • Crystal Kayaks are best stored by hanging. If laying them down, protect the bottom of the kayak.
  • When transporting your Crystal Kayak, protect the bottom of the kayak from coming into direct contact with your car rack. 
  • Always wear your safety vest and be aware of current and marine conditions in the area you are in.
  • Use a small air tight container for a basic first aid and emergency kit, which can be stored in the zippered pouch behind your Crystal Kayak seats. For extra precaution you can put the first aid kit in side of a couple of plastic ziplock bags. This way you can also use them for anything else if needed.
  • Always have enough drinking water! 

Following these tips will ensure that you have a great time on your Crystal Kayak. 

Have your own tip? Email it to us, we'd love to hear from you!


Crystal Kayaks do not only provide a one of a kind experience in the water, they are also a great business opportunity. 

About 18 million people participate in kayaking/canoeing annually in the United States. For many enthusiasts renting is the only viable option. With a low startup cost, kayak rental facilities which rent vessels for hourly, half-day and daily rates are a growing business. Some operate only on weekends, some are seasonal and plenty are open year round, the flexibility is all up to you!

Crystal Kayak's unique design, which allows paddlers to view marine life beneath them, is a sure fire draw for kayak enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. 

With the right location and Crystal Kayaks in inventory, your booming Kayak Rental business is around the corner.